Monday, June 14, 2010

Getting Closer

The UHaul has been picked up and moved into the driveway. I think that means my husband is getting closer to his departure date, but it's hard to tell with him. It doesn't seem like he's packed near enough stuff, yet the house is starting to look empty. I don't ask when he plans to leave because he always accuses me of nagging when I do. And I'm am the least naggy spouse EVER!

I've put off cleaning lately because cleaning while someone is moving just doesn't work. This weekend I plan to completely clean the house! Reorganize, re-arrange, dust, vacuum.....Just the thought of a completely clean house makes me giddy!

Nicole will be going to stay with her Dad this weekend, we bought his Father's Day gifts yesterday. So I could, conceivably, have the whole weekend completely alone! I can't wait to bask in the silence. Now if I can just stay awake!

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