Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Wonder......

I wonder how my husband got to be 56 years old without managing to become self-sufficient? It's interesting that when he was planning his move to Oregon, he was really concerned about how Nicole and I would do without him. He put off leaving for several days because he feared we would not be OK. I kept assuring him that we would be just fine. We have, in fact, been just fine. I've managed to get on with my daily life, even without his constant nagging and complaining and the complete absence of nasty-grams left on post-it notes in various places around the house. Bill however.....he seems to be having a tough time. Let's go over a sampling of some of the things he has either called, emailed or text me about:

He couldn't remember where he left his wallet from the night before.
I think this was the part where I was supposed to magically know where he left it, even from 500 miles away.

He decided he wanted to get goats so he wouldn't have to mow the meadow, or hire someone else to mow it. He wanted me to check craigslist because he had no idea how much goats cost. He figured he would just tie them to a tree with a long rope and they would eat the meadow and life would be wonderful.
This is the part where I suggested he go to the library (he doesn't have Internet access at the house yet) and research goats before he goes out and buys a few. I also told him, that my limited amount of knowledge on the subject of goats, was that they would eat ANYTHING, including the "ropes" he intended to tie them to. I don't think goat farming is as easy as picking up a cat to get rid of your mice.

He couldn't figure out how to get his margin right on a Word document and wanted me to give him step-by-step instructions on how to get his entire document to line up the way he wanted it.
First...I have been using Word 2003 for a long time. He was using Word 2007. which I also have, but I hate it. Why can't Microsoft just leave stuff alone? Anyway...I tried to help him, but I was at work at the time and I didn't have a ton of time to walk him through it and try to get a document (that I couldn't even see) to look like he wanted it to look. He got mad, and said "FINE". Like I really did know how to fix it but just wanted him to suffer.

Every night when we talk he has to get his "Julie List" with a list of things he's thought of throughout the day that he either needs to tell me or needs me to do for him.
I'm still working 40 hours a week, raising a teenage daughter, taking care of the house and the dogs. Seriously, the man is retired. Why is he still so much work??


  1. and here you thought it'd be relaxing when he left! HAHA!