Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Remember When Summer Meant Vacation?

So here we are in August. I can't believe the summer is going by so quickly and it seems like I haven't seen much of Nicole. She's off doing fun summer stuff with her friends. Remember those days? When summer meant 3 whole months of just playing around with friends? Nicole went to Orlando for 10 days and had a great time with her BFF and family. She liked Epcot Center best. She tried all new kinds of foods and didn't do the vegan thing while she was there. She came home late on Thursday of last week and left Friday morning to spend some time with her Dad. She'll be home tomorrow and then she's going to Lake Tahoe for the weekend with the same BFF that she went to Orlando with. That's the way summer should be. Carefree and fun!

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  1. Thanks for coming out of lurkdom! And I too am considering donating a long ponytail to Locks of Love. Sad to part with my very slow-growing hair though!