Monday, May 17, 2010

The End of Furlough Friday

Almost a year ago my company started mandated furlough days. We had to take 16 hours off each calendar month but we were allowed to chose how we wanted to take that time. I chose to take 4 hours each Friday. So, for the last year I have only had to work until noon on Friday. In the beginning it was tough to get used to the cut in pay but the joy of having that 4 hours off soon over shadowed the pain of the loss of funds. Normally my daughter gets a ride home from school from another Mom who doesn't work outside the home. What a saving grace that Mom has been for us! If you're a SAHM and you give rides to a child who's Mom works, you have no idea how much she appreciates you! But on Friday, since I'm off at noon, I get to pick Nicole up and we do something fun like watch a show together or go to Starbucks and get yummy drinks. Last Friday however, we were informed that business is picking up and the furloughs have come to an end. There was a big cheer when the announcement was made. I didn't feel like cheering. I'm going to miss that free time and the time I have been spending with my daughter. But I'm glad that business is picking up. That means my job is a little more secure.

In updated news.....I went to the dentist last Thursday and GREAT NEWS! They thought I was really really special and I guess they're going to make me a Queen or something! I go back in 2 weeks for my crown. I guess that six month wait between when they said I needed to have the filling replaced and when I went again this time made a filling replacement no longer an option. Shoot!

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