Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Home Run

My daughter is 14 years old. She has always been really bright and school has always been relatively easy for her. She skipped 3rd grade and didn't miss a beat. This year, her first year of high school, she decided she wanted to try softball. She had never played a sport before. Her first few practices were tough, she felt so much less talented then all the other girls on the team. She tossed around the idea of quitting the team, but stuck it out. When I picked her up from her very first game she was in tears. She felt so inadequate, even though she hadn't played badly. She didn't quit, she kept at it. The first few games she spent a lot of time warming the bench. Mid-way through the season some of the better players were put on academic probation and Nicole started to play every game. She has improved so much! During one game a couple of weeks ago she was hit hard in the upper arm with a line drive and managed to catch that ball before it hit the ground for a super play! She was crying from the pain and laughing from the joy all at the same time. Things have really started to look up! Last night she hit her first home run. What a moment!! I am so proud of the effort she has put in and the progress she has made. I love watching my daughter blossom.

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